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  God is fair, is miserly. He has given to everyone only one life, so we must cherish it, care for it. But now with the development of the economic boom, more and more people buy cars, perhaps in order to facilitate, perhaps to show off, but they don't know, with the evil eyes locked in the car, that is - a car accident!

  Every time I walk to school in the morning, often see some students also lai in the home, wait for me near the school, the students quickly run through from my side, and hurriedly ran to the school, in order to hurry up, at a red light, causing a pile and a pile of tragic accident...

  I had witnessed a car accident, it was a pupil, ran to the school is full head big sweat, red light lit up, he didn't see it, too, had to continue running, at this time, a man drove the car didn't see pupils, focused on the horn, side dash, needless to say, certainly going to be late to work, primary school students just heard the horn, turned, the car was made for he, I know, an accident is inevitable then turned away, silently praying for the pupil...

  Since saw the car accident on the way to school, I always carefully to avoid every car.

  One time, with my classmates to go to school, red light lit up, she is a quick temper, she is going to be blunt past, I hurried up and took her, turned her angry, shouted: "what!" I a face of serious said. "can't through a red light!" What she said: "red light? I often rush, also didn't see anything." I said: "now that's ok, if such an accident, is late." She said: "you will speak the truth, that you say, I've a red light, no accident?" I said: "if everyone like you think so, that the world is not disorderly?" She said: "anyway, not, once it's okay." I say: "you this is fluky psychology, according to expert analysis, through a red light accident probability is seventy percent a year." After she suddenly enlighted, decided to no longer running a red light.

  Cherish own life, don't let one traffic accident take innocent beauty of life... Let the defiled with blood and the beauty of the world... So, on the way, whether you are driving or by car, please remember: your life not only belongs to yourself a person, your life more deeply involved with your family...


  To cross the road, look around. Not on the road to play and run. See the red light to stop for a while. His trip to see the green light. This is for teachers and parents often told us, we often back, and we should not only talk about this sentence, it still deeply recorded in the hearts of safety in the first place, so that accidents may becoming less and less of. Let us surrounded in a safe happy and healthy growth, the construction of our home more beautiful!

  Allow the possibility of traffic accidents have become less and less, it is necessary to known rules of the road, here I am giving you some rules of the road you:

  1. Cyclists should follow the right side of bike paths.

  2. Should follow the sidewalk to cross the road (or bridge, the underground passage);

  3. When the red light to stop, see the green light before.

  4. Take the bus after the first, not to each other, do not逼搶bit crowded.

  5. Within walking on the sidewalk, there is no sidewalk to walk on the roadside.

  6. It should be noted, when we are walking vehicles are not allowed to chase,猛跑.

  7. Are not allowed in the vehicle suddenly crossed near.

  8. Not be allowed to pass through, to sit upon the sidewalk, roadway and railroad crossing guard-rails.

  9. Are not allowed to hold cars on the road to recover the vehicle, forced parabolic攔車and hit cars.

  10. Pre-school children in the street or walk on the road, there must be led by adults.

  11. Allowed the railings across the road.

  These are our common life should be in compliance with the rules of the road, we would also like to promote in the class column on the column or exhibition, multi-paste a number of compliance with the rules of the road, not red light running and other words like a warning so that students better understand the traffic safety importance. School can also be invited to the police his uncle, the door to the students on the traffic class, so students know better to help the traffic of human beings .... ...

  Security related to our life, we hope parents, the flower is the future of the motherland, the motherland’s future, we need to, and so we must make to comply with traffic regulations, protect our lives, but also to the safety of others. Let us follow traffic safety, to minimize traffic accidents, so traffic will never disappear. This is the call of the times!

















  With the development of economic prosperity, traffic cause fierce developed, driving on the highway traffic, traffic accidents frequently come into our lives, to face directly, but is unable to avoid. Therefore, traffic safety, everyone know, and I had that experience.

  Remember one night, dad just drink wine, is ready to sit the motorcycle to go home, my mother and I sat on a dad driving motorcycle, is in the process of driving, opened a car come over, in a pit in front, because dad's speed too fast, with a nasty cha, at that moment, dad tap turn off the car, the car fell to the ground, at that time, I'm so scared, this is related to our family's life! This luckily didn't what great things, but I and the father's forehead was broken skin, turn the mother's foot, but also gave me a lot of inspiration, let me know how can't driving after drinking, if a bit of a mistake, you may lost their lives.

  Traffic safety is not for one person, but to all the people, it let us know, we have to learn and obey the traffic rules, do go to school happily, safely home. Person's life is short, never look back, it's like a small shells, swim in the sea, there is always some bumpy all the way. Traffic safety wake-up call that we have to always remember the lessons of the blood, full knowledge of traffic and obey the traffic rules, to improve traffic safety consciousness, let the tree of life stands tall and straight.


  According to report, in China, there are about 70 thousand people killed in traffic accident, accounting for more than 50% of the total number of accidental deaths. Both the traffic accident rate and mortality rank first in the world whose victims are mainly children, adolescents and the elderly. This a a cruel fact. How can we make the roads safer? Remember the following rules.


  When you ride a bike or walk in the street, keep yourself in the right side of the road. Don’t cross the road or turn left at a red traffic light. Give a sinal when you want to cross the road or stop. Before corssing the road, stop and look at your right and left sides, making sure that there is no car passing by. Additionally, our government should make more severe traffic rules and punitive measures. Some drivers always violate the traffic rules, which is the main cause to traffic accidents. Therefore, our governmet should play a more important role in preventing traffic accidents.











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