()高二英語上冊第5單元知識點:The British Isles

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(人教版)高二英語上冊第5單元知識點:The British Isles

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(人教版)高二英語上冊第5單元知識點:The British Isles


  (人教版)高二英語上冊第5單元知識點:The British Isles

  【The British Isles知識點】

  1. Name five important cities in the United Kingdom. 說出聯合王國(即英國)中五座重要城市的名字。(p.33 Warming Up Ex.2)

  name動詞,意為“說出……的名稱(名字);給……取名,命名;任命,提名;決定,說定”等。如:① Can you name all the plants and trees in this garden? 你能叫得出這個花園的所有花草樹木


 、 The couple named the child Dick. 這對夫婦給孩子取名迪克。

 、 Mr. Michael has been named as the new manager. 邁克爾先生被任命為新的經理。

 、 Please name the day for our wedding. 請(你)決定我們婚禮的日子。

  【拓展】name構成的短語:worth (worthy of) the name名副其實的;in the name of憑……的權威;以……的名義;call sb. names辱罵某人;name... after ... 以……名字命名;name sb. for提名某人擔任(某職務);know sb. by name僅僅知道某人的名字(沒有見過面)

  2. The conversation workshop is taught on Wednesday afternoon. 談話技巧研討會的上課時間是星期三的下午。(p.33 Listening Ex.1 No. 1)

  1) 上句中workshop的詞義并非“車間;工廠;作坊;工作室”之意,而是“研習會,專題學術討論會”的意思。

  2) 介詞on表示時間的用法:

  (1) 用在“日期 (date),幾號”和“星期幾”之前。

  如: on July 1st (= on the first of July)在7月l號(那一天);

  on Wednesday在星期三;

  on Sundays每逢星期天

  (2) 用在“特定”的早、晚、日間、上午、下午等之間。

  如: on the morning/afternoon/night of Oct. 1st 在10月1日的上午/下午/晚上;

  on a cold night in January在一月的一個寒冷的夜晚;

  on the eve of the war在戰爭前夕;

  on New Year's Day在新年(那天)

  (3) 用在某些動名詞之前,作“在……之時”講。

  如:① They greeted us on our arrival. 他們在我們到達時迎接了我們。

 、 I'll show you the book on my return. 我一回來就讓你看一下這本書。

 、跦e got married immediately on his graduation. 他一畢業就結了婚。

  (4) 用在某些動名詞之前,作“一……就……”講。

  如:① On arriving at my destination, I went to see my friend. 一到目的地,我便去看我的朋友。② On leaving school, he went into business. 一畢業,他便經起商來。

 、 On hearing the good news, he jumped with joy. 一聽到這個好消息,他高興地跳了起來。

  (5) 和occasion/opportunity等詞連用,表示“在某一特殊的時機或場合”。

  如:① I send you my best wishes on this happy occasion. 值此佳期,我奉上對你最美好的.祝愿。 ② I will have a word with him on the first opportunity. 一有機會,我要跟他聊聊。

  3. What are the opening hours of the language lab? 語言實驗室的開門時間是幾點到幾點? (p.34 Listening Ex.3 No. 3)


  如: ① His opening remarks are very attractive. 他的開場白很有吸引力。

 、赥he opening hours of the banks there are different. 那兒的銀行的開門營業時間不一樣。

 、 This is the opening of the new play. 這是這部新戲的首場演出。

 、 He attended the opening of the new museum. 他出席了新博物館的開幕典禮。

 、 He put a gate across the opening in the fence. 他在圍墻的開口處安了一個門。

  4. Try to reach agreement on main points.盡量在主要觀點上達成一致。(p.34 Speaking)


  (1) in agreement on/upon/about…在/關于…”意見一致;(語法)相一致,呼應

 、 We are in agreement on that point.關于那一點我們意見一致。

 、 They are still not in agreement about the plan. 他們在這個計劃上意見還是不一致。

 、 The predicate should be in agreement with the subject in person and number. 謂語和主語應該在人稱和數方面保持一致。

  (2) come to (arrive at, reach, make) an agreement with sb. 與某人達成協議。

 、 They have made an agreement about the plan. 他們在這個計劃上意見一致了

 、 An agreement should be reached immediately with the company on that point. 關于那一點應該與那家公司盡快達成協議。

  5. Other people think geography is confusing and difficult to learn... 其他人認為地理課使人感到混亂無序,很難學…… (p.34 Speaking Ex. 2 第二行)

  confusing (adj.)令人糊涂的,使人混亂的;confuse (vt.) 使混亂,使糊涂;confused (adj.) (某人)糊涂的,搞混亂的;confuse sb./sth. with sb. /sth. 把……和……弄混。

  如:① That is exactly to confuse black with white. 那簡直是混淆黑白。

 、 We tried to confuse the enemy.我們試圖迷惑敵人。

 、 They asked me so many questions that I got confused. 他們問了我許許多多的問題,把我弄糊涂了。

 、 Don't confuse Austria with Australia.不要把奧地利與澳大利亞弄混淆了。

 、 He was (became, got) confused with his mistake. 他因犯了錯誤而不知所措。

  本文導航 1、首頁2、同步練習題



  1.Everyone should enjoy the right of access to the________(農村).

  2.The________(可能性) of breaking the world record never occurred to him.

  3.There will be a________(婚禮) in the village church on Saturday,

  4.She________(安排) all her business affairs before going on holiday.

  5.The climate here is always hot, summer and winter________(類似的).

  6.F________the letter in two before putting it in the envelope.

  7.I had a q________with my flatmate about who should do the housework.

  8.We've got to fit five people p________all their luggage in the car.

  9.The scenery over there was beautiful beyond d________.

  10.Each of his rooms was comfortably f________before moving in.

  答案:1.countryside 2.possibility 3.wedding 4.arranged

  5.alike 6.Fold 7.quarrel 8.plus 9.description 10.furnished


  be able to, take the place of, be familiar with,be close to, pick up, of one's own, prefer to, on one's way to, break down, divide....into

  1. White lines________the playing area ________sections.

  2. By now you will________the one-way system in the centre of town.

  3. Nothing in the world could________the family he had lost.

  4. When we gave her the bad news, she________and cried.

  5.Her career only began to________when she was in her forties.

  6. I'd like to have a place________after living together with my friend.

  7. I________wear clothes made of natural fibers ratherthan wearfashionable ones.

  8. We'll have to stop for fuel________the airport.

  9. The children________each other in age though they differ in height.

  10. It's so wonderful to________see the sea from my window.

  答案:1.divide; into 2.be familiar with 3.take the place of

  4.broke down 5.pick up 6.of my own 7.prefer to 8.on our way to 9.are close to 10.be able to


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